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What are the effects of drugs on a persons body? And what do these drugs look like?



Amphetamines are used to stimulate the central nervous system are are often prescribed by doctors for as diverse treatments as ADHD and narcolepsy to weight-loss andblood pressure treatment.

The impact that amphetamines has on these ailments can be interpreted by a healthy body as a 'high'. By inducing a sense of euphoria and rendering generally shy people moresociable. Fatigue and concentration problems are also relived.

The long term effects of amphetamines however include anxiety and paranoia. Unwanted weight loss is almost always a symptom of long term amphetamine use. Certain individuals experience hallucinations and may even be prone to violence.


Cocaine delivers a short-lived yet intense high which needs to be sustained by more of the drug or the high is followed by depression.
Cocaine increases the heart andrespiratory rate, thereby increasing the risk of a heart attack, stroke or respiratory failure which could all end in death, regardless of whether the user is experiencing cocaine for the first time or whether they are experienced users.

Some of the short term effects of cocaine use are:

Loss of appetite; Contracted blood vessels;
Disturbed sleep patterns; Panic; Intense cravings for the drug

Long term effects include

Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain;
Damage to inner nose and septum; Apathy
Confusion and exhaustion; Severe depression



The term 'stoner' is often used to describer someone who uses dagga this is largely due to the immediate effects of smoking a 'joint'.
Lethargy, disinterest and delayed responses are trademarks of a person using dagga.

The long term effects of dagga are exaccerbated because it is smoked. The long term effects of using dagga include: Weakened immunity; Apathy;
Reduced sexual capacity; Reduction in male hormones
Growth disorders.


This is a similar in chemical make up to amphetamine and is an extremely addictive and destructive substance.
Methamphetamine can be smoke, injected, sniffed or taken orally and delivers an intense, shortlived high, causing users to take repeated doses.
Methampetamine enables the brain to release Dopamine, a neurotransmitter which plays a part in the pleasure perception within the brain.

Long term effects of Meth use include: Severe dental decay and extreme weight loss and skin problems.

Because of the ability of methamphetamine to reduce inhibitions it is also a contributor to HIV/Aids infections as a result of risky behaviour.


Morphine is a means of pain medication that is usually administered after surgery or trauma and to cancer patients. It enters the bloodstream which carries it to the brain which in turn activates the opioid receptors leading to pain relief but it can also activate the receptors which affect respiration, depression and addiction.

Repeated use of morphine can lead to tolerance of the drug and bring about a physical and psychological dependance.

Known on the street by names such as Mr Blue, Unkie, Morf or Gods drug, morphine is a scheduled drug worldwide and its array of negative side effects include:

Skin reactions; memory loss; Respitaory problems
Sedation; increased risk of infections including HIV/Aids, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C especially amongst intravenous users.

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